7th World Congress on Psychotherapy

Dear Colleagues from all over the world,
You are all most welcome to attend the 7th World Congress on Psychotherapy taking place in Durban, South Africa. It is the first of its kind on African soil. The world congress brings experts from all over the world to present workshops, keynote speeches, and papers in many areas of psychotherapy and counseling. These areas range from African traditional/originated forms of psychotherapy and counseling, western schools of psychotherapy and counseling, Asian and oriental forms of psychotherapy and counseling, psychotherapy and counseling practices in specialized areas (like hospitals, schools, correctional services, politics, etc), and many other areas.
Other side attractions are visits to the tourist attraction areas of Durban and South Africa in general, enjoying the beautiful beach of Durban, the national parks that inhabit nice and rear animals to see, and the rich cultural heritage of Zulu-land.
Within a few minutes of a flight, one can be in Johannesburg and Pretoria with their commercial and political importance to South Africa, in Cape Town with its Table Mountain, Robben Island (where President Nelson Mandela spent many years in prison), and its other commercial and political flavors, the Kruger National Park in Limpopo Province, and many more places.
You will definitely enjoy your stay in Durban and in South Africa as a whole. Security and safety of visitors and the inhabitants of South Africa is top on the agenda of the South African Government.