BasicNeeds Pakistan 2015

Dear  Friends at WASP
We are pleased to share with you our Annual Impact Report and Mid Term Evaluation Report on Mental Health and Development (MHD) program of BasicNeeds Pakistan (BNPAK), which has been working in Pakistan since 2011 to improve the lives of people living with mental illness and epilepsy.
From 2012 to 2015, BNPAK reached out to over 42000 people in Sindh through various activities. It provided access to mental health services to 2916 patients with mental illness and epilepsy, 288 of total received financial assistance from the program for livelihoods, while 1533 people were provided capacity building trainings on mental health.
BNPAK has been implementing its Mental Health and Development (MHD) program in three districts, while it recently expended it in eight more districts of Balochistan, Punjab and Sindh to work with local partners on mental health.
I hope you will like to know about our efforts to improve the condition of mental health in Pakistan. Please feel free to send your comments and feedback to us.
Kind Regards,
Murtaza Noonari
Manger, Policy Advocacy and Research