The Chilean Society for Social Psychiatry (CSSP) provides a forum for raising and discussing social and interdisciplinary issues confronting current psychiatric research and practice. Among these, the increasing violence in our society and the world; religious, racial, gender and cultural differences expressed as intolerance; relation to the environment, natural and social; benefits and problems caused by the application of science and technology; the interfaces with other disciplines, within and without the healthcare field; the ethical responsibility of researchers and healthcare providers. Beyond the usual doctor-patient realm, issues arising in policymaking and epidemiological fieldwork are also a major concern for members of the Society, along with a reflection on the humanistic dimensions of medicine, psychiatry, and the neurosciences.


Among the activities of the organization are the conduct of symposia and workshops on scientific topics of importance to psychiatrists, the publication of selected materials useful for research and teaching, and the promotion of mental health through advocacy and policy advice. Special attention will be devoted to contributions in the fields of Bioethics and Social Determinants of Health in collaboration with other institutions related to them.


The CSSP is a component of the Chilean Society of Neurology, Neurosurgey, and Psychiatry (SONEPSYN) and its members are encouraged to join this organization as part of their membership and a sign of commitment.


Membership Eligibility


Membership in the Chilean Society for Social Psychiatry (CSSP) is available to all individuals certified or board eligible in psychiatry or currently in an accredited psychiatric residency training program and licensed to practice medicine in Chile. Exceptionally, certain non-psychiatrically trained physicians and allied mental health professionals may be proposed for Associate Membership status if proposed by a member in person or in a written letter to the board and subsequently voted into membership through a motion that is favorably acted on. Qualification for Associate Membership involves a demonstration of having made a significant contribution in promoting social factors in the field of mental health.


Honorary Members will be appointed considering their contributions to world psychiatry or their commitment to the scientific foundations of the profession.

Members are encouraged to advance their careers with a strong humanitarian imprint, devoting time to serve the interests of society.
An annual membership fee is considered in view of international affiliations of the CSSP


Luis Risco, MD, President of the Chilean Society of Neurology, Neurosurgey and Psychiatry

Fernando Lolas, MD, President of the Organizing Committee for CSSP


List of members (temporary)

Fernando Lolas Juan Maass
Luis Risco Graciela Rojas
Fernando Ivanovic Hernán Silva
Fernando Voight
Rafael Sepúlveda
Carlos Madariaga
Mauricio Gómez
Héctor Duque
Hernán Monasterio
Alvaro Barrera
Javier Burgos


Honorary members

Eliot Sorel
Rachid Bennegadi
Roy Kallivayalil
Thomas Craig
Hans Brenner