Description of the Section

Despite the fact that many methods of psycho-education were validated to improve the condition of people with the mental health problems and their families; despite the economic efficiency and gain, psycho-education has not been widely available to patients and their family members. Effort should be made to overcome some barriers to family psycho-education implementation, to make clinicians trust the positive results of psycho-education and to make them more confident to implement such efficient programs with success

We have decided to create a WASP scientific Section on Family Intervention Programs with the support of the WASP and colleagues over the world sharing with us the promotion of psycho-education in family caregivers of patients suffering from psychiatric disorders. The focus on family caregivers should be an important project to develop; the eventuality to expand the approach to cover psycho-education more widely remains possible.

The Executive Committee approved the creation of a WASP Section on Family Intervention Programs during the WASP Jubilee in London on 11th November 2014.


STRUCTURE of the WASP Section on Family Intervention Programs: 

-Coordination Team

Chair : Dr Saïd FATTAH (France): mzfattah@hotmail.com

Co-Chair: Pr Mathew Varghese: mat.varg@yahoo.com

Co-Chair: Dr Yasser Khazaal (Switzerland) : yasser.khazaal@hcuge.ch

Co-Chair: Pr Pierre Lalonde (Canada): lalonde.md@videotron.ca

Secretary: Dr Yann Hodé (France): y.hode@ch-rouffach.fr



We have prepared a list of an international founders  who have  accepted to be members of this section, sharing with us the same objectives. The list of participants remains of course open to all colleagues over the world aiming the same objectives.


WASP Section  on Family Intervention Program

Members List


-Pr Mathew Varghese: mat.varg@yahoo.com



-Yasser Khazaal: yasser.khazaal@hcuge.ch

-Ali Nader  Perroud: nader.perroud@hcuge.ch

-Béatrice Weber: beatrice.weber-rouget@hcuge.ch



-Pierre Lalonde: lalonde.md@videotron.ca



-Heba Habib: heba@wa3y.org



Grainne Fadden: grainne.fadden@bsmhft.nhs.uk



-Saïd Fattah: mzfattah@hotmail.com

-Yann Hodé: y.hode@ch-rouffach.fr

-Marc Grohens: marcgrohens@gmail.com

-Denis Leguay:  denis.leguay@free.fr

-Dominique Willard: domhy@neuf.fr

-Dr Marc Willard : docteur.willard@wanadoo.fr

-Dr Ksénia Proudnikova:  k.kazantseva@ch-rouffach.fr


-Driss Moussaoui: drissm49@gmail.com

-Nadia Kadri: Nadia.kadri@imtcc.ma

-Jalal Toufiq: jtoufiq@yahoo.fr

-Hachem Tyal: drtyal@villadeslilas.ma

-Fatima Asri: fatpsy109@yahoo.fr

-Naïma Trachen (NGO president): trachennaima@yahoo.fr

-Mohamed Agoub: agoub.m@hotmail.com

-Youssef Mohi: ymohi@hotmail.com

-Amina BENCHERKI (NGO member): ambencherki2@hotmail.fr

-Dr Wydad Hikmat:  wydadhk@gmail.com

 -Mrs Ilham Ibrahimi : idnature.idnature@gmail.com
-Mrs Aicha Bellarbi :  harghass@yahoo.fr


Objectives of the WASP Section on Family Intervention Programs

-The promotion of psycho-education in family caregivers of patients suffering from psychiatric disorders.

-The promotion of the generalisation of family intervention programs in routine practice.

-The development of new tools not only in schizophrenia but also in bipolar disorders and other related disorders.

-The development of innovative tools to make more visible the work of teams in such field and to facilitate the sharing of ideas, practice, training, data and research over the world

-The promotion of collaboration among professionals, scientific associations, NGOs and user organisations working in the field of psycho-education programs.

-The organisation of and participation to national and international meetings and congresses


WASP Section on Family Intervention Programs: Projects (2015-2016)

-Organisation of a symposium on family intervention programs during the 2nd ECSP, which will be held on Geneva on July 2015

-Translation and validation of an Arabic version of Profamille Program (model of family intervention program in French version) in order to train and implement teams among the Arab world but also among Arabic speaking people over the world.

-Development of networks between French & English speaking teams working in the field of family intervention programs

-Enhancing the involvement of section members in national and international associations for social psychiatry