The Yves Pelicier Prize

World Association of Social Psychiatry

Dear Friends,
It is with great pleasure that we announce this call for nominations for the Yves Pelicier Prize. The prize is made in recognition of an outstanding career in social psychiatry reflecting outstanding contributions to the understanding of the important interaction of social, psychological and biological science in the cause, course and treatment of mental disorders together with a profound commitment to the human rights of the mentally ill.

The successful nominee will be expected to deliver a ceremonial lecture on a topic of his/her choosing at the World Congress of Social Psychiatry, New Delhi, India 30th Nov to 4th December 2016

Yves Pelicier Prize for Science & Humanism

Chairman: Driss Moussaoui

Members: Rachid Bennegadi, Maria Luisa Figueira, Julio Arboleda-Florez,
Thomas Craig-Jamieson, Wolfgang Rutz, Jorge Alberto Costa de Silva, Eliot Sorel


Selection Criteria:

• Distinguished and outstanding contributions in two or more categories as indicated below:

  • Basic sciences and somatic medicine, intersecting with psychological medicine and with social sciences like philosophy, sociology, anthropology, history, litterature
  • Integrated and manifest research and/or therapeutic interventions, such as psychotherapeutic, psychopharmacologic & medical
  • The frontiers of neuroscience research
  • Dedication and profound respect for the rights of and devotion to those whom care is given




• Letter of nomination explaining why the candidate deserves the prize.

• Curriculum vitae of the nominee including a list of publication of the candidate.

• Nominations are to be sent to the chairman of the awards panel (

• Deadline for nominations is May 31st, 2016

• Recipient announced in June 2016

• Award presented at the World Congress of Social Psychiatry in New Delhi, India, from 30 November to 4 December 2016.


The prize:

• US $10,000

• WASP Yves Pelicier Diploma

• Travel, registration and accommodation for the congress is provided


Winner 2013 : Pr Pedro RUIZ

unnamed (1)

Winner 2016 : Pr Julian LEFF

Directed and edited by his son Adriel, this feature length documentary retrospective of Professor Julian Leff’s esteemed career in social psychiatry examines the path that eventually led him to his recent groundbreaking work in the fascinating field of Avatar Therapy, which utilises cutting edge technology to provide the most radical and effective new treatment for schizophrenia in decades, and, in doing so, the film delineates the evolution of the psychiatric fraternity’s approach to, and shifting perception of, this most severe and perplexing of mental illnesses both in Britain and across the world, changes that have frequently been instigated by studies spearheaded by Professor Leff himself.
Movie trailer ” Professor Julian Leff: Unravelling Schizophrenia ” by Adriel Leff : Unravelling Schizophrenia