WASP Election Notification 2019

WASP Election Notification 2019
Dear Colleagues,

In my capacity as the President of World Association of Social Psychiatry, I am inviting nominations for the elections scheduled on 26 October 2019 in Bucharest, Romania  during the WASP General Assembly. The positions open for elections are:

  1. President-Elect
  2. Secretary General
  3. Treasurer
Nominations can be proposed by:
  1. President or Secretary of a WASP Member Society
  2. Members of WASP Executive Committee
  3. Members of WASP Council (of Past Presidents).

The deadline for receipt is 31 August 2019.  The nominee will have to sign the nomination form attached and send it  with a brief CV and a statement about his/her fulfilling the requirements for the post and work intentions to Prof Eliot Sorel, Chair of the Nomination Committee esorel@gmail.com with a copy to President WASP roykalli@gmail.com

We have a constituted a Nomination Committee with the following members:
  1. Eliot Sorel, USA (Chair)
  2. Yasser Khazaal, Switzerland (Member)
  3. P Joseph Varghese, India ( Member)
  4. Adalberto Barreto, Brazil (Member)
  5. David Ndetei, Kenya (Member)
According to WASP Statutes the Nomination Committee receives nominations concerning elections for all elective posts of the WASP. The Chairperson of the Nomination Committee shall report to the Executive Committee.  Nominations committee will receive the nominations and assess the suitability and eligibility of the candidates. They will report to the WASP EC.  The President will conduct the elections. He will also issue the election notification.  The WASP EC has approved the following election schedule, for your kind information
  • Last date to receive nominations 31 August 2019
  • Last date of withdrawal   Sept 14, 2019
  • Publication of valid candidates list- Sept 16, 2019
  • Voting (if necessary)- during GA at Bucharest Oct 26, 2019.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Best wishes,
Prof Roy Abraham Kallivayalil
President, World Association of Social Psychiatry


Here’s the nomination form : WASP Nomination Form for 2019