XVII World Congress of the WADP

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Multidisciplinary approach became recently one of the most discussable topics among the mental health scientists. This is quite understandable because of the financial difficulties that to different extent are experiencing all over world and have their impact on the health care system, including mental health care services. The discrepancy between the costs of the every next generation of the medicines and their efficacy is constantly growing. We observe the regular appearance of the new very diverse approaches in the list of health care services. It is really difficult to define how valuable they are not comparing them with the already existing ones, especially when they belong to the different fields and specialties of the mental health care. At the same time national ministries of health care, insurance companies, patients themselves and their relatives make increasing demands and expectations to the quality of the provided mental health care services.

All these mentioned above, brings about the challenge for the elaboration of the integrated therapeutic programs, encompassing the most effective approaches from the different fields of mental health care system. Their efficacy should be proved by the means of the evidence based medicine. It is quite obvious that development of such programs can be successful only as a result of constructive discussion of the representatives of all disciplines of mental health system – psychiatrists- professionals of the in and out-patient and ambulance care units, psychotherapists, clinical psychologists, social workers and nurses.

In the literature one can already easily find the calls for joining this movement. The reports about its successful appliance appear. Nevertheless they are far away from becoming the standard of practical mental health service, where the managed care reigns. The complexity of the establishment of mutual understanding and common language among the participants of multi-professional teams is evident. This causes the doubts in realness of the determined goals and question multidisciplinary approach is a coming true reality or however is a myth?

I hope that this congress will give the opportunity to its participants to have a really fruitful discussion on this very actual, interesting and practically meaningful topic.